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its every rock hard..

Debut (2016):


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You Live And Let Die
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Upcoming new Album:

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buried in smoke is a german "hard" rock band.

the band was formed in 2014 in hanau, with the dream of going as big as the world, but with the premise of being who they are, and making the music they want to. 

with this enthusiasm they began to write songs and go on tour, and so in 2016 they recorded their debut album "Tales from the bermuda". since then they focussed on touring and playing gigs all over germany. in 2020 they recorded their second album called "Corporate Identities" which is planned to be released in 2021. 

The current lineup comprises founding members Tim Ortel (Drums), Tony Vee (Vocals), Tobias Amend (Dreamcookery) the newest member Ivan Esposito (Guitar, since 2021) and  Matze ludwig (Bass, since 2017). they call their music"Every rock hard" because every song they write is free and only bound to the Limits of Rock.

Buried in smoke played gigs at:

Karben open air, rock den acker Nidderau, rock auf der burg Winterstein, erlensee rockt, backstage Munich, Colos-Saal aschaffenburg, Das bett Frankfurt/main, club from hell erfurt, garage saarbrücken, artheater cologne, Ok- Kiel (tv-show based in kiel), + More than 50 Gigs...

Together with acts like:

Alien weaponry, thundermother, subway to sally, Livingston, rebellion, tragedy, bloodywood, die killerpilze, sondaschule, zsk, the hellfreaks...


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+49 176/38759878

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